Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SharePoint Publishing: Enabling Page Settings and Schedule

Scenario: you have a SharePoint publishing site and the Page dropdown on the Page Editing Toolbar has a menuitem that says "Page Settings", not "Page Settings and Schedule". This is bad because you want to be able to schedule when a page will first appear and end.

How do you (re-)enable the "Page Settings and Schedule" choice?

Click the "Settings/Document Library Settings" menuitem for the Pages document library (http://SomeSite/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx).

1) In "versioning settings", ensure that content approval is turned on.

2) In "manage item scheduling", ensure that "enable scheduling of items in this list" is checked.

That should do it.

Update: after writing the above post, I found another post addressing the same issue. You can find it here.

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